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Safety and Guidelines

For the safety of our teachers, all tutoring sessions will be recorded and all student's emails will be retained in our system. We put the safety of our staff first. 


1. No foul language

2. No discrimination 

3. No yelling or negative criticism.

4. Respect each other.

The teacher and student must not exchange personal information including but not limited to:

- phone numbers

- email

- social media account 

- unrelated financial information 

Meeting Code for Teachers and Students

Empowerment and Inclusivity 

Korembi will uphold our cultural inclusivity and respectful values that do not discriminate against gender, age, physical appearance, ethnicity, or title. 

Korembi holds close the value of including women into our development as well as a non-discriminative Korembi Kulture that cultivates a multi-national team. 

Customer Care

Refund Policy

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