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About Us

Changing Lives With Every Lesson

Korembi is a digital network empowering students in developing countries to make an income teaching their language and cultural practices to clients in the USA and the EU. We offer a Virtual Language Exchange and Social Awareness Platform created by and led by students. Teachers become students and students become teachers.

Our Story

It began with a need. Students in developing countries have hard time dedicating their time to school, personal life, and work. A dear friend of mine had to work over 10 hours a day whilst attending school just to earn enough money to help her create a college fund. I decided it was time to create something that could help: Korembi. A safe program where students aged 14-25 can join to teach their unique niche language or learn one! Korembi teachers specialize in teaching very unique languages that are not typically offered on the language marketplace. Your contribution, by joining or learning, empowers them to grow and earn a fair wage while saving more time and gaining experience that can help them build a bright future. 

Meet The Team

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