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Write, Teach, Share!

Apply and Submit


Korembi offers a network for writers, language teachers, and poets alike. 

You can join our network by submitting your work to our monthly competitions in various fields: poetry, environmental blog posts, and literary blog posts.

You can also include affiliate links in your blog to help you earn commission*

Another great part of joining our team or network is that there are no startup costs. Too good to be true? No, just a platform to help others showcase their skills and earn an income. 

If you can speak another language, please send us an application to join our tutoring team. You choose your rate and your schedule.


1) Apply as a language teacher and set your own rate. Visit the Hiring tab to view the opportunities.

Please fill this out the language teacher application here:

Become a Korembi Writer! 

2) Monthly Writing Competitions will be announced on the first day of every month. We will choose a new theme and will select the top 5 submissions.

Submission requirements include an email with no attachments, your full name, title of the unpublished work, and a short author bio.

Send all submissions to

She is the editor and will review the submissions.

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